The International Climate Dialogue e.V. was founded in 2014 as a non-profit association, with the objective to promote education. The objective is achieved particularly through the:

  • Organization of public information sessions on climate change impacts and actions for scientists and non-scientists;

  • Publications on climate change impacts and actions;

  • Educational outreach activities, including seminars, conferences and lectures;

  • Promotion of information exchange between a network of scientists, policy makers and the private sector by organising seminars, conferences, lectures and discussing and disseminating latest findings;

  • Introduce new scientific findings and discussion points relevant to furthering political discourse on climate change while maintaining an impartial stance;

  • Initiation of pilot action for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions or for adaptation to climate change.

Please find a selection of our activities below:

  • Presentation at the Jahawarlal Nehru University, Delhi on "Market mechanisms in international climate policy – between economic efficiency and political considerations" (18.3. 2016).

  • Presentation at the IFAT Fair in Munich on "Waste Management-NAMAs in India and Latin America - Experiences from design of MRV and policy instruments (2.6. 2016).

  • In 2015 and 2016 ICD members participated in the UNFCCC negotiations in Bonn, Paris and Marrakech.

  • On 07.12.2016 members of the ICD contributed to a side event of Vietnam und der FU Berlin on "green energy case study financed by multilateral development banks".

  • ICD members organized a green zone side event at COP 22 on "Delivering NDCs through a NAMA portfolio" on 15.12.2016.

  • A study by the International Climate Dialogue e.V. assesses the potential of incubation mechanism for promoting clean technology dissemination to developing countries (click).

  • Presentation at Workshop of Zurich CMA on "Experiences from NAMA development regarding design of policy instrument combinations" (15.3. 2017).

  • The International Climate Dialogue e.V. is currently elaborating opportunities for promoting education on clean technologies and climate finance in the ASEAN region.